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Summary of The Brighton to London Coach by the Royal Albion Hotel

The Brighton to London Coach standing in front of the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton. Painted by H J Jones in the 1860's. Oil on canvas.

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A scene of the Brighton to London stagecoach about to depart from the Albion Hotel in Brighton. As the guard blows the coach horn a fresh team of chestnut horses ready themselves for the off. H J Jones painted the London to Brighton coach and a couple of occasions. The artist always depicts it fully loaded with passengers, in this painting they can be seen sitting inside the coach. A well attired couple lean against the sea wall to the left of the picture with a sea scape behind.

There are a number of paintings in existence by H J Jones and they all demonstrate a slight misunderstanding, on the artists behalf, of paint properties. Every one has a rather poor surface quality due to the paint having deteriorated over time having not been mixed or applied to the canvas properly.

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H J Jones is a little known artist. Only around 5 works are known to be by him. He was active as an artist during the mid to late 19th century.

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Brighton and Hove Museums

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Brighton and Hove Museums