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Paint, Wood, Iron, Brass

Summary of Bier

A nicely built Funeral Bier that was used by the Cranbrook Burial Board.  It was made by the Piper family who started as coachbuilders in Cranbrook in 1874.

Many Biers were made to be pushed by villagers, this example was designed to be drawn by a pony or donkey as detachable shafts can be fitted.

Full description

An simple, elegant and well built bier by T Piper and Sons with a flat wood bed. Around the edge of the bed is a wooden rail supported on curved iron supports, four on each side. The flat bed is sprung with elliptic springs on straight axles. 

The wheels are 12 and 14 spoke Warner pattern on collinge patent axles, they have rubber tyres and a brake is fitted to the rear wheels. A pair of shafts are with this bier, of varnished wood and fine in their profile.

This is a well built Bier of varnished wood with a black painted undercarriage. On the bed of the Bier are two wooden rollers allowing a coffin to be easily pushed onto the Bier and wood and metal stops to hold it in place. 


On the axle caps: T PIPER & SONS

Condition report

In very good order with little wear.

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This Funeral Bier is in the care of the Tyrwhitt-Drake Carriage Museum

Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery

St Faith's Street, 


ME14 1LH

Picture credit

Maidstone Museum and Bentliff Art Gallery / Amy Bracey / Robert Lovell